We offer barrels, custom barrel bars, and keg systems for your wedding, special event, or party.

Oak Barrel Keg System:  Made from a 37" bordeaux wine barrel and features a stainless steel tap tower.  Can pour up to 3 different kegs at once using one CO2 tank.  In addition to the system, the rental comes with a 20 lb CO2 tank, air regulator, all hoses and couplers, cold plate, drain tubeand a parts box with extra fitting and tools.

Oak Barrel Bar:  The bar top is an 8' x 18" piece of cottonwood.  The chalk board is attached by twine to two hooks on the bottom of the bar top and is constructed from a 5' x 17" piece of pine with a wine cork border and painted with chalkboard black matte.  The base of the bar is made up from two 37" oak wine barrels.  Rental does not include anything else you see in this picture.

Bordeaux Barrel:  The barrels we use stand at 37" tall and the top measures 22" x 22" at it's widest leaving plenty of room for your guests to place their drink, a bouquet of flowers, a candle, or whatever ties into the theme of your wedding or event.

Stave High top Table:  Our custom built high top tables stand at 38.5" and have a top that measures 22" x 22" at it's widest point.  Constructed out of staves from the same size barrels we use for our other products.  While these are not as sturdy as the barrels themselves, we think using these high tops for flowers and candles adds a nice touch to your outdoor wedding in any setting.

Low Rider Stave Chair:  Made from oak barrel staves, this chair is perfect for throwing on either side of a corn hole or ladder golf game to allow your guests to take a seat before they toss next.  Paired with the table pictured below it makes for a great outdoor seating area for you and your guests to sit back, relax, and have an app while drinking a delicious cocktail.

Low Rider Oak table:  Think of it as the high top tables little brother.  Lower to the ground and perfect to place next to the low rider chair or around the fire to set up s'more stations on when the sun goes down.

All photos on this page were taken by Rhema Faith Photography.  www.rhemafaithphotography.com